NIBC enables growth ambitions of I-Finance and I-Factoring


NIBC supports I-Factoring and I-Finance in their mission to help SMEs reach their full potential and provide consumers with safe and reliable financing. A tailor made financing solution has paved the way for the two specialists to accelerate growth.

"We are now able to keep providing consumer loans in a transparent and responsible manner," says Richard Verheij, Director at I-Finance. "The NIBC solution enables us to keep considering every request we receive seriously," adds Albert Kluijver, Director at I-Factoring.

I-Finance and I-Factoring both serve SMEs and consumers with the help of proprietary technology to be as efficient as possible and keep costs low. I-Factoring takes over their clients’ debtor risk and administration, so clients can focus on their core business and save costs when an invoice remains unpaid for a longer period of time.

I-Finance and the affiliate EDR Works provide additional services – they offer consumers the opportunity to pay in installments or finance the payment of a product or service. I-Finance distinguishes itself with its own platform, where onboarding is quick, easy and completely online.


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